The quality is the success.

The quality control is provided at the stage of the raw material samples control and control of the certificates and documents confirming the quality of the goods.

Usually at the beginning of the season we install the new equipment at our production facilities. One of the good news is the installing of the second sorting machine produced by “Buhler Sortex LTD, Great Britain”, This model of the Sortex machine is the first model with InGaAs camera bought by the Ukrainian company, that gives us a good opportunity to have an advantage among the other competitors at this sphere

This year we fully automatized the equipment for walnut kernels production. It gave us the possibility to decrease the labour inputs and organize the full control of the production process.
The production facilities are certified according to the international standard ISO9001.
In the nearest future we are planning to plant the walnut orchards in order to grow the walnuts ourselves and to provide the certification of the company according to the international standard ISO 22000.

The company " Mallati" achieved a great success at the market due to the high-technology equipment and adherence to the main technological standards.
Boris I. Furdiy
Chief engineer
The strict requirements to the raw material and the production process are the basis of our work and the guaranty of the quality of ready-made products.
Elena i. Bezpalko
Chief laboratory assistant

Our products.

The catalogue of our company includes more than 10 types of ready-made products. We enlarge the assortment of the products constantly according to the requirements of the market.
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To meet the needs of production, we always buy the following raw materials.