The world-famous exhibition SIAL will take place again in Paris in 2016. The exhibition, as always focuses on innovation and new ideas of business. The largest exhibition of food industry not only demonstrates the full range of goods and services for food production, but also closely follows the innovations and progressive developments around the world. This allows the event to form a vision for the future and to be the most useful and effective for professionals.

   The exhibition begins on October 16 at the World Food Day. All categories of food and beverages will be presented here, ranging from simple ingredients and ending with cooking masterpieces. National expositions are presented very well.

    Participants and guests of SIAL expects the selection and award in the category of SIAL Innovation Awards, analysis of the most recent innovations in the world market. At the conclusion of the exhibition will host a summit with the participation of the first persons of the world market.

    MALLATI company this year again participating in the SIAL Paris 2016. We are pleased to welcome guests and partners to visit our booth Ukrainian Stand No. 1 A 123. The main focus of MALLATI business is import / export of agricultural products: walnuts, pumpkin seeds kernel, sunflower seeds, flax. The countries we export to: Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Bosnia, Germany, Spain, Moldova, France, Turkey, Australia.